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This blog post is rammed-full of notes reg'd stuff related to one red paperclip. (Yes, I just abbreviated 'regarding'. I know, I know: awesome.) one red paperclip is one of the 'Blogs of note' today at So radical. We're in the Big leagues now folks. According to the Toronto Star, one red paperclip is a “Site to Throw your Money Away". Fun, and thanks for the mention, but I think you missed the point, Toronto Star. The thing is, you can't spend money on this site. We're strictly barter around here. Infact, this is probably one of the few sites on the web where you can't spend your money. link I'd like to make a quick 'blog-out' to Mr. Murphy and all the kids in his class at St. Lukes in Smith Falls Ontario. Hey kids, Mr. Murphy said it would blow your minds if you got a mention from a "real” website. Mr. Murphy's class rules. I hope I blew your minds. Having your mind blown is the best. I've said all along that I don't care where my future house will be or what it looks like, but safe to say, this house is about la crème de la crème as far as potential houses out there. If you haven't seen The Castle, go rent it now. Fly to Australia if you need to. Take your greyhounds – they'll love the serenity. Somebody sent me a link to this house somewhere in Mexico. A red paperclip house. So cool. Consider this dream house #2, right behind the Kerrigan's holiday home. I did an interview with ABC in New York yesterday. It was fun. It will be available online. I'll post then link as soon as I get it. You'll wanna see it – the guy who interviewed me wore sandals.


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RC said...

Congratulation with becoming a Blog of Note, Kyle!

The next house you visit that you think you might buy, do a test up in the attic like what I use to do at our old place, but not on purpose. Get near the roof and jump as hard as you can, and if your head goes through the roof, don't buy it! Hope this tip helps!

Good luck, Kyle!

SuperAmanda said...

Hi Kyle,
Great work! Have clip will travel :)

Online Degree said...

Congratulations on making it as "blog of note"!

gnome said...

Congratulations from my part too... But this blog could definetely be a sociological case study... Extremelly interesting and [please] keep it up..

A Mom in America said...

This is bizzarre! I love it! Keep it up!

God bless!

A Mom in America

Yasamin said...

ok the red house.. on top of the other house... can i have that? will you get that house for me? please? architectually, i think its absolutely sexy!! gimme gimme gimme!!! viva mexico arcitectos!

haha@ my WORD VERIFICATION word: txuxjjbi