Go Dutch

You might say that my idea to trade from one red paperclip up to a house is one way to "go Dutch". And that'd be perfectly fine by me if you do. My sitemeter feed tells me that a few hundred people an hour are coming to this site right now via a link from Flabber, a Dutch site. If you are Dutch, you probably know about Ramon Stoppelenburg and his project/adventure called Let Me Stay For a Day. I got quite a bit of the inspiration for one red paperclip from Ramon. He had a very cool indeed. Hopefully I get an offer from the Netherlands so I can wear wooden shoes and take pictures of windmills on dikes. That'd be fun, I'm getting kinda bored of chasing beavers out of my igloo every time I come back from playing hockey with my toque on. Looks like a few days until I trade for the snowmobile. It's snowing outside right now. Perfect.

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