2 Week Hiatus - sign THE PETITION!

Yup, I'm gonna take a 2 week hiatus from one red paperclip.

It might not seem like it, but over the last month I've put in 12 hour days on this project. Lots of writing, trying to slap a book proposal together, a documentary film crew's followed me around lately, and I've done heaps of TV, radio, podcast and newspaper interviews the last little bit. Pretty hectic stuff. Hectic, but very fun. Yes, you could say it's fectic.

So, I'm gonna take a 2 week hiatus. Gonna spend some quality time with the family over Christmas. Spend some quality time with the folks. The folks are stoked. Nothing better than stoked folk. Try it sometime if you get a chance - stoke some folk - they love it.

But the project isn't on the shelf, oh no. Keep sending in your offers in for one trip to yahk! - I will still get the chance to update the offers page. The offers so far are great. Some real great offers.

If you're a journalist or reporter who wants to interview me about one red paperclip, yes, I'd love to talk to you about one red paperclip, but for the time being - please leave a message and I'll call back in January. If you're not a journalist and you just wanna call up and chat, it's all good -but you gotta wait till January too.

I’m kinda excited about the 2 week hiatus - I’ve never been on hiatus from anything before. Being on hiatus from something sounds like fun. Hiatuses are cool. Not as cool as going to Yahk with George Stroumboulopoulos, but cool enough. It's definitely maybe as cool as Yukon Cornelius tricking a Bumble with a pork ploy.

I’ll be back on Jan 1. Back with a vengeance. Back and ready to go to Yahk.

***SIGN THE PETITION !*** Last night on The Hour on CBC Newsworld, George Stroumboulopoulos did an awesome little bit about how I challenged him to go to Yahk. I think George is genuinely intrigued with the idea. I think George wants to go to Yahk! The only thing though, is that he might not be totally convinced that there's massive support behind the idea of him going to Yahk. I think the key to getting George to go to Yahk, is to get a massive number of people to sign the petition. A number that make him realize the reckoning force we are. A number like 2006. I think we should try to get 2006 names on the petition by Jan 1, 2006. Yeah, that seems like a good goal, 2006 people by Jan 1, 2006. 2006 names is a force to be reckoned with. There's no way George can deny that.

Spread the word! We need 2006 names on the petition! Tell your friends to sign the petition! All 2006 of them, before 2006 arrives!

Have fun, and a have a Merry Christmas. Kyle PS 2006 is gonna be awesome.


globalfriendshipnetwork said...

sounds you really worked hard for it

Anonymous said...

I really ENCOURGE u about ur trip! and about ur BIG AMITIOUS! in this way,, u are telling ur mind that u'll reach what u want! u need a hands CLAP! really!
I wish u, and ur future famliy a great life in that house! : )
am from Kuwait,, I wish am there, to exchange with u NE thing ;)
Good lUK Brother

Anonymous said...

ill trade you my penis