Thanks Norway, Hello NYC!

Well, the attempt to track down the elusive GIANT PAPERCLIP in Norway was a roaring success. I've received dozens of emails from some extremely helpful Norwegians that've led to a panapoly of pictures of the paperclip. FYI: Paperclips are called 'binders' in Norway. If you haven't already, please check out the pictures of the paperclip on my flickr page and feel free to add oodles of comments. Apparently the #1 radio station in Norway picked up the story and told pretty much the entire country about one red paperclip. Just got this email, like 2 minutes ago: On 11/11/05, Sverre Bjørstad Graff wrote: Hi there!Yesterday I wrote an article on about your project.Startsiden is the second largest website in Norway, with more than 600000 unique visitors every day.The article can be found here: but naturally, it's written in Norwegian, so I don't expect you to understand much of it. I wrote that your idea was both simple and brilliant, and that your project canbe followed on your website. Also, I wrote that if any of the readershas a house in Oslo, Norway - I do have a paper clip I'm eager to exhange.I wish you the best of luck with your project.Please let ut now when you get the house.:o)Best wishes,Sverre Bjørstad Graff Oslo - Norway Well, that explains a lot. A large number of Norwegians have also told me about a large error I've made that needs to be corrected: Wife carrying competitions are in Finland, not Norway. ************ Today, I'm heading down to New York City - and I'll be there until next Wednesday. (Nov 16) Apparently the New York Post will print a story today about one red paperclip,which has the potential to make things go absolutely haywire around here. I can't think of a better place on earth than NYC to barter the generator. This should be real fun. If you live in NYC or have any friends or family, (or perhaps foes) that live in New York, please tell them that this FRI-SAT-SUN-MON-TUES-WED I will be in town and can meet up for a trade. I'll have a car, so it can be pretty much anytime/anywhere within a few hours drive of Manhattan. Please submit all trade offers to This should be rad. Talk to you soon, Kyle PS If anybody is game to meet up for a beer or two or three this weekend in NYC, send me some ideas for a place to meet up and I'll score everyone who shows up one FREE official red paperclip (with certificate) so you can barter your way up to a free house too!

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