My Perblogative

The only thing I remember how to play on the piano other than that 'knuckle-rolly' blom, bloom, bloom thingy is the bass line to 'My Perogative' by Bobby Brown.

Arrived early for my 3:30 doctor appointment today and cracked open a 8 month old issue of Macleans to learn that Tommy Lee, Bobby Brown and David Foster’s wife are all about to get reality TV shows. Just as I was thinking how historical the issue was in the fact that each reality show is surely off the air forever, I looked up at the clock to see it was quarter to 4. Rolled into the receptionist's counter and inquired if I’d been overlooked or if Dr. Boudeau was just running late. She asked my name and told me I was early. I was confused, “do you skip that whole turn back the clock thing in this hospital?” “No”, she replied, “your appointment with Dr. Boudreau is tomorrow.” Waved goodbye and thought about how the much funnier it will be if my appointment tomorrow is for memory loss.

But it’s not.

I don’t think.

Got my driver's license 10 years ago today. Me and Pa drove Grandpa's automatic Dodge Colt out to good ol' Mission BC where I passed with flying colours. Time flies when you're driving fast.

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