Hey guys, I'm sorta overwhelmed with the traffic at the site today. Links make things exciting, that's for sure. About 100 people visited the site yesterday, and about 20 000 showed up today. Good times. I'd just like to take a minute to give you a little rundown on what's happening around here. I started this site back in July as a 'test' on my old website, Going Postal 3000 and sorta just did a few trades in my spare time as they fit in. I only set up this actual site, oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com, on Nov 7th and it's been a hack-fest guerilla-learnt-html still-pretty rough around the edges site. If anyone wants to help make the site look better, I'd appreciate the help and will give you lots of credit - I've even got some press coverage coming up and the blogosphere is having fun with this one too, so you'll get noticed. As for the trades, well things are getting more challenging as the objects get bigger, but that's cool, it's all part of the game. Thanks for all the trade offers. They're awesome. This is getting funner and funner. We gotta talk to Webster and make funner a real word. That'd be fun. Anyhow, I try to make all the trades happen as best as possible, so keep 'em coming and we'll see what we can do. Talk to you soon, Kyle


Phil Renaud said...

Kyle, we love it. Good luck with the house thing! I'll be listening to CBC for you here in Windsor.

puzzleMeister said...

Hey Kyle!

If you're interested, I might be able to help with the "making the site look better" side of things...just let me know. Leave a comment on the newest post in my blog (goodebooke.blogspot.com).