I just read through some of the comments about one red paperclip over at digg. They're super fun to read. People've got some great tales about bigger or better trading games they played at scout camp, conferences, or college. PGvildys has the best one yet: "During freshmen week at my univ someone started with a pencil and got up to a solar car. At another university they started with a pen and got up to an industrial crane. It's not that difficult to do given time." So that's the benchmark: A solar car or an industrial crane. My nod goes to the industrial crane. Never been much of a aerodynamics junkie. And besides, what can't you do with an industrial crane? I'm only up to one red generator right now, but one day, fingers crossed, that l'il red generator sitting beside me in my apartment will be replaced by an industrial crane, given time. Perhaps a red industrial crane. Anyone got an spare industrial crane lying around? Kyle PS I guess I'll need a bigger apartment. Anyone got one of those lying around too?

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