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Finished up the Best Buy promo contract yesterday with a free, no wait, paid Black Eyed Peas concert. Good times. I quite enjoy the concept of getting paid to watch a concert. The BEPs schlock it up pretty heavy to sell records and sit right next to the corn on my plate, but I'd rather chow down than feed them to the dog.

So many highlights from the last few days.

Made an 18 year-old kid chose between a $50 gift certificate, a pair of floor seats to the Black Eyed Peas or ‘what’s in the box.’ Watched him choose ‘the box’ (who wouldn’t?) and get a free umbrella much to the comedic chagrin of dozens of folk who have nothing better to do on a Sunday morning at 8am but hang around outside Big Box retail.

Saw this:

And this:

Watched the official Canadian ‘actor’ for SpongeBob Squarepants triumphantly emerge with sweat on his brow from 2 hours entertaining kids in the car audio section and proceed to immediately ask my coworker Genevieve out on a date.


Listened to her shut him down.

Saw run the drums with one hand and hold the mic with the other for a solo encore performance of “Milshake”. He could teach us, but he’d have to charge.

Asked the waitress at Resto McBay what her favorite thing on the menu was. She gave a hesitation-free reply of ‘Pizzagetti’.

Ordered Pizzaghetti.

Got paid to eat Pizzaghetti.


El Aguilla Del Norte even made an appearance at Harry's Fest of Evil.


All in all, a good few blog-free days. So much chagrin.

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