Going to a big Halloween party on Sat. It's called Fest of Evil and put together by a buddy of mine, Harry. Have a feeling El Aguilla Del Norte might make an appearance or two. Just a hunch.

This dips back into the memories of Halloweens past, but here's a fun little tale for you:

My brother's buddy/landlord Paul dressed as "The Creep" for Halloween two years ago.

Fast forward to this year and ol Paul manages to buy himself a house in Victoria BC. A house with walls. A house with walls that paintings can hang from. Paintings paitned by Paul. Self portrait paintings by Paul.

Here's Paul and his self-portrait adorned wall at his new house. I'm sure he'll enjoy this come the 31st as much as he's surely enjoyed it to date.


The painting is entitled "Summer Breeze / Jam ". The title pays homage to summer breezes and summer jams.

Paul's phone number is 1-250-FUN-PLAY
Why not call him and compliment him on his artwork?! He loves to talk about fun and many other things. Tell him Kyle sent you. He'll like that.

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