I was just looking at the traffic stats for this site today and it's come to my attention that 25% of the visitors to this site are from Brasil. (Yes, Brasil - no not Brazil - but Brasil. Why do we use a 'Z' instead of an 'S'? - seems silly to me - kinda like Canada with a 'K' - although it's sorta rad if you think about it: Kanada.) Anyhow, different-country-spelling tangents aside, there can only be one explanation for all this attention from Brasil: Brasilians love to party. I'd argue that Brasilians are world famous for near-absolute-domination in the realms of soccer and instant parties. So if you're reading this and you're in Brasil, Bem-vindo à um clipe vermelho! (hopefully google translate didn't drop the ball on the translation...) Feel free to make an offer for one instant party! It'd be pretty sweet to have one instant party in Brasil. The blue and yellow slices of these pies down below are super-surprising to me. I thought Canada/US/UK would dominate the pie and take the biggest slices by far - seeing how I don't speak a single word of Norwegian or Portuguese and haven't been to either Brasil OR Norway. Maybe Brasilians and Norwegians just like pie.
DISCLAIMER: This goes out for all citizens of the world:
Remember, I will go ANYWHERE for the right offer.
Sample of people who came to ORP on Nov 23, 2005: mapworldbrasilbigtime countries orp nov 23 orp visitors language nov 23 **I just talked on-air with the Morning Hot Tub crew at Hot 89.9FM in Ottawa, just up the road from me here in Montreal. Unfortunately for all the Norwegian and Portuguese speakers in the house, we talked in English. Morning-radio-jacked-on-caffeine-to-hide-sleepiness English. You can listen to it here:


Anonymous said...

Bem vindo a um clipe vermelho!

Dude, I loved your website! You
should make a movie : ) (at least a
mini-series TV show)

PS. Brasilians AND Google know how to
play ball!

Have fun!

Martin said...

Just caught you on the radio! Nice one.

Martin (in Scotland)

Anonymous said...

Actually, correct Portuguese (on either side of the Atlantic) should be:

Bem-vindos a Um Clipe Vermelho! (You, guys and girls, are welcome)


Bem-vinda a Um Clipe Vermelho! (You, guy, are welcome)


Bem-vindo a Um Clipe Vermelho! (You, girl, are welcome)

Mind the hyphen.

Yeah, there's at least one guy over here in Portugal following this too.

I'm waiting for the next trade. One instant party is not my party yet.

Anonymous said...


Bem-vindo à Um Clipe Vermelho!


Anonymous said...

Brasil rulez!!!
I'm from Brasil and you should to visit my country =]

sorry for my english

Falow cara (essa soh pra quem conhece portugues mesmo...)

Anonymous said...

I am part of the one procent who is from the Netherlands.

and I also was the one who playt this game on scout camp.( on digg)

would love to help you on your around the world in a lot of switches to a house. its terible weather here on the moment. but I think you would love the Netherlands Now I have to think off something for your switch

Anonymous said...

Where did the language translator go? I found that really helpful reading responses in other languages.