Just activated my new replacement credit card with a brand new number. Apparently some computer somewhere was stolen and had my card number on it(and hundreds of others). The bank scored me a new number as a precautionary measure.

In other precautionary measure credit-related news, I just googled "Achoppalypse Now" and came up with nothing - so credit-stealers beware, I'm giving myself full credit for the word. And while we're at inventing words that attempt to explain the inexplicable chopper craze, add "chopsanity" and "schopping" to my ever-growing list of new words.

I can't wait until somebody cuts to the chase and starts up a "Choppers" channel.

OFFICIAL Definitons:

Achoppalypse Now - A sign from above, expressed in everything choppers, that the world is going to end.

Chopsanity - The only word that can possibly descibe the incredibly varied array of chopper-related merchanise available to man.

Schopping - The art of buying chopper clad merchanise buy those who will never own a chopper.

Oh, and if you're an East coaster looking for a fresh new word to describe the record-slaying autumnal heatwave currently located in a city near you, "hotumn" should do the trick.

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