Billie Jean Shirt King

For all its amazingness, Google still occasionally drops the ball on a search string that should lead to an unbelieveble-that-someone-had-this-much-spare-time ridiculous to the max website - which unfortunately can throw a bit of a monkey wrench into my research of important topics. Google "history of the jean shirt" to see what I'm talking about. Believe it or not, repeated attempts to find a picture of Billie Jean King wearing a jean shirt came up dry as well.

Fifty bucks to the first person who can find me a picture of Billie Jean King standing beside a jean shirt clad Michael Jackson.

More deep thoughts on Jean Shirts, humanity, betting, etc:
It's widely known that Google is your one-stop shop to settte a bar bet. Click a few words and your evidence is on the screen. But I think Google's true power lies in the unarguable fact that if a search string of everything in the world ever fails to bring up a single website, then its existence is theoretically impossbible. Google these cases in point:

"attractive jean shirt"
"jean shirt clad badass"
"jean shirt wearing badass"
"jean shirt wearing tough guy"
"strongman in a jean shirt"
"cool guy in a jean shirt"
"I like to wear jean shirts"
"I can't live without jean shirts"
"I'd kill myself if it was illegal to wear jean shirts"
"I was so happy to get a jean shirt for my birthday"
"my favorite jean shirt"
"Thank you for the jean shirt."

The fact that none of these search strings brought up a single website is iron-clad, undeniable proof that jean shirts are the most ridiculous invention of all time - which of course makes them exceedingly cool and that you can bet that Von Dutch will make millions selling them to suckers within the decade.

This is way out of line, but totally necessary and must be brought to your attention: go google "jeanshirt" and look at the first line in the description of the first website to come up.

Don't get me wrong, if you are a member of N.W.A. or are named Snoop, there is nothing on earth you can possbily put on that is cooler than a jean shirt. But if for some strange reason you aren't, then it is of my opinion that a jean shirt is the most inappropriate, offensive, and silly thing you can possibly wear.

But remember, this comes from a guy who will stop at nothing to shell out top dollar at a UNICAL 76 truck stop in Utah for a loser-grey shirt fronted with a picture of four eagles.

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