Okay, so Mexican Wrestling (Lucha Libre) is officially the raddest thing ever. Scott, Rahcel and I rocked Mexico City with our new Lucha masks last weekend - Highly recommended.


My Mexican Wrestling name is El Aiguila del Norte (Eagle of the North) and Scott's is El Aiguila de la Meurte(Eagle of Death). Rachel hasn't revealed her name yet.


Oh, and as luck would have it, Spider-Man was in town too.



That's Rachel on a big pyramid.


That's Scott in a big stadium.


That's me having big eagle-related fun.


This is the placemat from a Lucha Libre themed restaurant that claims to brew the world's best coffee. You can't really argue that claim when you consider there's the possibilty that a masked wrestler will burst through the squared circle to serve you a piping hot cup of joe.


There's a lot going on in this Texas sized layover picture. That's my appropriately-sized brown bag clad can of Lone Star beer that I bought from a Shell gas station just out of frame. It was about 629 degrees out and in front of the gas station sat a a Houston Police Ford Excursion, windows locked, nobody inside, engine running. It's also the only time in history that EL Aguila del Norte has posed for a picture in front of the sign for an airport named after two presidents. You'll be happy to know that El Aguila del Norte entered the USA without hassle. Be on the lookout for more sightings in the near future.

Oh, and in case you just want to watch a cartoon video song about a hippo with noodles on his back, feel free to go here:

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