Lucha 604

Well, it's been a busy last few days. I flew from Boston to Seattle with a three day layover in Mexico City and now I'm in Vancouver. Check out Mexico City if you get the chance, it's wildly popular - 1000 Mexicans move there every day.

Mexico City highlights:
-Hung out with my brother Scott and his girlfriend Rachel at the tail end of their 2 month trip thru Central America
-Saw Masked Mexican Wrestling - (Lucha Libre)
-Bought Mexican wrestling masks
-Wore Mexican wrestling masks
-Delivered a postcard to a squatter who had a Silence of the Lambs style dog pit....while wearing a Mexican wrestling mask.
-Ate delicious street vendor tacos
-Got horrendous food poisoning
-Climbed the third highest pyramid in the world
-Vomited into the barf bag I stole from my flight
-Saw about half a million VW Bugs
-Bought posters with eagles on them
-Bought a shirt with an eagle on it
-Bought a flag with an eagle on it
-Met Spider-Man
-Went to soccer game between Mexico City and Guadalajara with 125 000 other people (El Classico)
-Saw the center of the universe
-Saw the man who lives at the center of the universe

-and so much more...stay tuned - pictures to come.

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