It's in the cards


Just got to the hotel in Portland and I finally got around to opening my 'Vancouer-base' mail. What are the chances that I'd open an envelope to discover my brand new Milwaukee Brewers MBNA impulse-sign-up-just-for-the-free-t-shirt at a Mariners game 3 months ago Mastercard 8 hours before I board a flight to Milwaukee?

The next few days will be spent in Milwaukee WI and Aurora IL on what could easily be the most ultimate Wayne's World referencing blog entries in the history of the world. Ever.

So, I might just have to use my new Milwaukee Brewers Mastercard to buy a Bohemian Rhapsody cassette single to play in my AMC Pacer on my way from Noah's Arcade to the Alice Cooper Show in Milwaukee, which of course is an Algonquin world for “the good land.”

Only time'll tell how good it is.

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