I left my wallet in El Segundo

I gotta get it, I got got to get it.


Yes, I left my wallet in El Segundo.

Yup, another big day. Finally made good on my six-year-old promise to part ways with my beyond-ratty, ridiculously huge ten-year-old George Costanza wallet by leaving it in a town named El Segundo.

Now I know how Q-Tip felt.

(Now's the time to download "I left my wallet in El Segundo" by A Tribe Called Quest if you're lost...)

This wallet:

Was left here:

On sept 26, 2005.

Will it come back? -- only time will tell. I bet ol' Q-Tip can't say "I left THIS wallet in El Segundo", which is of course my current dream. But I guess he's kinda got all those rap-earned millions, fame, notoriety and that being named after something you stick in your ear thing going for him, so he could probably care less than I could ever imagine.


Stephen said...

I also left my wallet in El Segundo, the town was just outside of L.A., is this the same El Segundo as you left your wallet in? My "left my wallet" website went down several years ago, no one returned my wallet even though I left instructions on how to return it inside the wallet. Maybe it is time to rejuvenate this project, try again.

Stargazer said...

As an avid Tribe Fan I must say that this story put a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step this afternoon. awesomness. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Haha.. I think I almost just peed my pants. I've often thought about finding the infamous 'El Segundo' and leaving my wallet ther... I guess I'm just lazy. Hope it gets back to you.. or you just got got to get.. another one :)

BabyAly1 said...

Pretty cool, I hope it gets back to you !! Also you are my hero ! I am tryign to get funding for my boyfriend's movie and started a barter site of my own. Started with a white wooden night stand and called it One Night Stand (got some questionable offers guess I should have rethought the name).