My dad made this sculpture of a crow out of Velcro

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One thing led to another and in the mid 90s my dad became Canada's largest wholesaler of Velcro and he got invited to the Official Velcro factory in New Hampshire and was one of the first people in the whole world to see the new machine that was producing a brand new type of Velcro called "OneWrap" that he wasn't supposed to tell us about because of an NDA but we were only teenagers at the time and New Hampshire was a LONG way from our Velcro warehouse in Port Coquitlam before the internet but anyhow his company has sold thousands of miles of Velcro over the last 20 years.  In fact, one time he sold fire-rated OneWrap velcro straps to NASA and they went on the International Space Station.

He's moved away from day-to-day hawking Velcro and is now an art student at Emily Carr University and he's doing all sorts of different art projects but his main focus has always been sculpture.

And lo and behold, my pop combined his passion of sculpture, Velcro, Crows, AND puns to create this magnificent Velcro Crow sculpture accurately named VELCROW.

And now you can bid on it !

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Sculpture Dimensions:
(Frozen I'll-make-banana-bread-with-it-in-three-years banana for scale.)
16" from beak to tail
10" tall

Auction Summary:
-1 VelCROW by Ian MacDonald
-1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald

This VelCROW has sat in a Rubbermaid storage bin in several exciting locations and is currently on display in the One Red Paperclip Inc. factory where it deeply confuses Marley the Black Cat.

Ian MacDonald BA SFU COMM
Might know how to photograph black Velcro better than his son
1952 -

and we’ll turn it into art.
One Red Paperclip Inc.
1928 Grant St.
Vancouver BC
V5L 2Y9

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