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This is one of only seven total "colorful mooses" I've made so far with spray paint and every single one of these paintings is completely unique with different colors in different places because I used four individually-cut stencils for each of the colors and swapped the colors and stencils around so each painting is totally unique. It was a boring painstaking lengthy process to hand-cut four individual stencils out of transparent plastic sheets with an XACTO blade for each of the colors and yes next time I will use a laser cutting machine to cut the stencil and no next time after I've spray-painted on the stencil I will not put it down on the hood of our car paint-side-facing-down (!?) even though it might feel dry to the touch and then surprise surprise there's a huge spray paint mark on the hood of your car in the morning but wooops its not actually your car it's your amazing girlfriend Natalie's except it's only sort of hers because her dad gave it to her as a nice gift and her dad is awesome but surprise surprise isn't that stoked when her daughter and son-in-law show up at his house with his former car now emblazoned with a multi-color negative print of a smudged moose on the hood. And rightly so ! ------> Pro-tip: use acetone to take spray paint off a car. And do so right away rather than wait two months and endure the judgement (and rightly so!) by your father-in-law about your messy spray-painting ways. I really like this colorful moose and hope you do too. Bananas for scale. NOTE: if this painting doesn't sell for at least $123.45 USD by the end of the auction our formerly-covered-in-spray-paint 2007 Toyota Matrix will get its revenge and drive over the painting repeatedly until it's destroyed....and the painting wreckage will be used to create new a new artwork. Painting Dimensions: 20" x 16" (50cm x 40cm) Auction Summary: -1 original spray paint stencil color moose 20" x 16" painting on canvas. -1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald -BANANAS NOT INCLUDED. Shipping: -FREE shipping anywhere in the world by the cheapest transport I can find. -Faster paid shipping options also available - choose your preference. -Local pickup/delivery available in Vancouver / Whistler. Provenance: This painting was once graciously displayed for passerby on the floor of a parking garage while the stencil was on the hood of our car loading it up with non-dry spray paint. Artist: Kyle MacDonald BA UBC GEOG Has nearly hit several moose while driving around various parts of Canada. Is drinking a beer right now. Canadian 1979 -

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