A Painting of a Guy Painting a Painting

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It's funny how ideas work.  Last summer I spilt some white paint on a completely green canvas. The spill reminded me of a shirt so I added arms and a brush and face and legs and then started getting really "meta" and decided to paint an artist painting a painting.

So I was a guy painting a painting of a guy painting a painting.  I thought that was pretty clever and so forth and showed it to people and nobody seemed to care or think it was funny or whatever so I guess I just drank too much coffee and got a bit too close to insanity and too excited about a silly little idea.

Then last week I came across an old notebook from 2010 and I found a sketch I'd made.  It said "PAINT THIS !" and showed a scribble of an artist painting a painting of another artist painting a painting and so forth until infinity.

So it took me five years and completely forgetting that silly idea to actually get around to making a worse version of what I'd set myself out to do in the first place.

But I kind of like this new painting.

And I hope you do to !

Bidding starts at $0.01 with no reserve and FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

LINK TO AUCTION: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/141908793258

Happy bidding,


Painting Dimensions:
24" x 36" - 1.5" gallery wrap canvas

Auction Summary:
-1 "Self Replicating Artist" original acrylic painting by Kyle MacDonald
-1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald

FREE basic shipping (slow) anywhere in the world.  If you want/need this painting FAST chose from the shipping options

This painting has never seen the light of day.  Take it outside at your own risk.  Might secretly be a vampire and melt or catch fire or whatever happens to vampires in sunlight.

Kyle MacDonald BA UBC GEOG
Looks just like the guy in the painting.
1979 -

and we’ll turn it into art.
One Red Paperclip Inc.
1928 Grant St.
Vancouver BC
V5L 2Y9

LINK TO AUCTION: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/141908793258

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