An Interesting Foray into Stand Up Comedy

I'm pretty sure this is the kind of thing most guys think of doing, but never do. Well, tonight was a night of firsts for yours truly. It was the first time I ever stood up in front of a crowd comically. And by the looks of the video you can see I was pretty nervous. And mangled some jokes pretty bad. It's actually pretty painful to watch! It's weird. But I felt comfy up there. The nervous tics are outrageous! Anyhow, I realized early on was I was trying to pack 10 minutes of "material" into 5 minutes of time, so it was a rush to the finish, and I barely covered half of what I was trying to say. 5 minutes goes by fast on stage. Live and learn I guess. Swing at less, but try to hit them out of the park. Twenty foul balls can hit the bat, but none of those will drive in run. Gotta love baseball metaphors! Big thanks to Comedy Works in Montreal for putting on the open mic night every Monday and for letting my sorry ass on stage. If you want to stand up in front of a crowd comically in Montreal, call them Saturday morning at 514-398-9661 and give them your name for the following Monday. The show was great. Hopefully see some of y'all there next week and such. Three cheers to Dom for taking the video, which you'll find here:

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