Ticket to the Limit

I met Randy Cohen at a conference called Gathering of Titans at MIT last spring. He's the CEO (Chief Energizing Officer) of TicketCity, a ticket brokerage based out of Austin TX. Randy's an awesome guy. And he just wrote a book called Ticket to the Limit. I promptly bought a copy of Ticket to the Limit and inhaled the whole thing in less than 5 hours of binge reading, partially while drinking tea and dancing to Shakira remixes in our kitchen. Yes, it's that good!

And I won't lie, I'm feeling really, really good right about now. In the secondary ticket market, Randy lives in the exciting world of extreme supply and demand, something that I experienced in many forms while trading from a red paperclip to a house. It's a pretty thrilling world, and I understand fully why Randy can approach his work with such enthusiasm. He's also a big believer in a liberal sprinkling of exclamation marks to convey excitement, something I'm on board with! Randy has the kind of infectious energy that's addictive to the point of being scary. Well, maybe not scary, but if there is a limit to how much somebody can energize others, Randy's right on the razor's edge of the limit. Definitely not past the point of no return, but we're talking about rocking to the break-of-dawn, live your life to the fullest optimism in a way few are able to pull off. Also, he can get you great tickets to the Superbowl. Here's a except that made an impression:

Sometimes when you chance what you are doing, you do not enjoy immediate success. Maybe you've made more than your share of mistakes. That's good! Mistakes are how we learn and grow. I remember I used to watch Superman when I was a young kid, about five years old. I thought it would be great if I could don a cape and fly, too. So I got a big beach towel, tied it around my neck, and went up to a second-storey window. I opened the window and climbed up on the ledge. I jumped - and plummeted to the ground! It was a very valuable lesson about gravity. I learned the hard way that you can't fly. But guess what? I never jumped out of a second-storey window again!

So I obviously recommend reading Ticket to the Limit. Doing so while dancing in your kitchen to Shakira is optional, but also something I endorse fully. Because after all, is there anything better than a ticket to the limit?


Yoli said...

The excerpt you have mentioned from the book itself tells much about the sincere appeal of the book. Will definitely try to get a copy of it. :-)

Sophie said...

Love to read Kyle, and yes I've I read your book. Thanks for the recommendation; I'll check this book out.

Matt Fidler said...

Thank you for writing this informative review Kyle. If you think you want to mail this book somewhere random you have my address. How's that for a secondary market?

randy cohen said...

Kyle thanks for the great plug. Hope to see you soon.

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer and Author