PODuct placement


And a great place to use a pun too. POD stands for Portable Oxygen Device. The nice woman behind POD, Kelsey, sent me a can of oxygen last week after I mentioned to her that her product was intriguing. So I wound up with a can of oxygen. Its the sort of thing that happens, from time to time, and I'm not getting paid to write this, but I am about to get high on oxygen right now...for free. I've used twice now, and here's what's happened so far:

Time 1:(last week)
I was sleeping when the doorbell rang. I went to the door, said hi to the UPS guy and signed for the package. I went back inside and opened it up. When I saw it was a can of oxygen I took a quick hit. I couldn't fall back asleep after that.

Time 2: (Just now)
I just took a hit of POD. Nothing so far, but high hopes on feeling real good soon. I went for a big run today, and then ate fresh bagels and fruit juice, so I'm feeling pretty good already. I notice POD is based in Breckenridge CO, a town situated at 9600 feet above sea level. I'm in Montreal right now, a town situated at about 100 feet above sea level. I'm assuming POD's extra oxygen would be more noticeable in Breckenridge than here. Nothing yet. Wait, a little tingle feeling in my finger maybe? I'm not sure. To be completely honest, I can't be for sure that POD and it's extra oxygen promise isn't some elaborate placebo. But then again, I'm not doing extreme mountain activities at high altitude. I'm sitting on my couch thinking about toasting a bagel. Remember when bagels were health food? Ah, the 80s. In Vancouver. Even muffins were health food back then. Yep, the 80s for me was all about muffins, bagels, and circular windows. I'm going to try another puff of that oxygen. Apparently it's the good stuff. I just did. The POD container says: 40 breaths. I'd be up for doing all 40 right now. Why not, right? Then maybe I could go swimming and hold my breath for a long time. Maybe rack up another world record. I'd have to call Oprah first though. So, anyhow. POD is good. Oxygen is the gas of life. It helps us live. From the looks of it, it helps with rambly blog posts. My mind is pretty clear, I think. If you're into living, and everything that goes along with it, then POD might be just the thing for you!

have fun,



François said...

"I'm sitting on my couch thinking about toasting a bagel. Remember when bagels were health food? Ah, the 80s."

haha! You're killing me!

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