ROFLCon was enjoyable


I was invited to be a panelist at ROFLCon in Boston over the weekend. I met many people, some of whom are quite well known for internet fame, and such. It was enjoyable. You can read some of the things our panel said here. There's talk of there being another ROFLCon next year too. You should attend. It is fun. Also, Denny Blaze the Average Homeboy will autograph the back of your driver's license if you ask him nicely.



Laura said...

Hey Kyle,

I just finished reading your book about an hour ago - apparently I lived in a bubble while all this was going on because I can't recall hearing about it at all - then again, university kind of is it's own sort of bubble, and I was working on my science undergrad at the time. Anyways, I thought the book was great!

I had a few kids come by my place a few months ago playing Bigger-and-better door to door and I traded them a Tim Horton's travel mug for a giant Backstreet Boys floor puzzle. . . made their day.

Anyways, just wanted to pass along my thanks for an enjoyable read.

Admin said...

Hi! My name is Jack. Very funny, I like it .

99% Bachelor said...

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forbiddenlondon said...

I love this story!

Wise Owl said...

Cool!I wish I was there...

`MeNTaL~ said...

Umm... What's with the fag in the back of the one picture???

Success IS yours, AND MINES!

Manish Kapoor said...

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Glowing Doll said...

Whoa what's with Mr.Red lunchbox?

aaendra said...


jorge said...

Yeah, it really does seem like a wink-nudge move on Chipotle's part.