Hi Thunder,

I'm so glad to hear from you! Wasn't 'college' the best? Man, it's been so long. The parties were so wild. Hey, this sounds like the lyrics to a Weezer song!

How are the kids? I hope they are doing well. I imagine the nest and the Mrs are treating you well.

So, have you slipped back into a lifestyle of reckless drinking again? I sure hope not. But then again, you were so much fun back in the days when you were a 24/7 sauce fest. You just weren't the same after you hung up the skates, so to speak. Here's to educations!



>>Save the Date - UBC Alumni Weekend - Alumni Weekend 2008

>>Dear Trekker,

>>Wish you were here…

>>The campus in spring is amazing! The Rose Garden is budding, the cinnamon buns are steaming and thousands of students are about to graduate.

>>I hope you and your family can join me for Alumni Weekend in May. There are so many events to choose from!

>>Check out some of the things I'll be doing during Alumni Weekend below or click here to see the full schedule. I'm going to register today, you should too!

>>Hope to see you soon,

>>Thunder, the Thunderbird

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