There will always be a market for ridiculous

I heard a great story the other day that involved a stunned bobcat, a suitcase, and a get-rich-quick scheme via christmas trees, and it got me thinking about how despite all the science and religion and all that other stuff out there, most people choose to be really clueless and just like to go out and have fun without hurting others. Or really, be ridiculous. Fun is a universal need, and even though we (well, I, at least) sometimes tend to think of our long-gone relatives in black and white photographs as having led stern, sensible lives, they we're probably tearing it up just like any of us do today. As this video from 1938 clearly shows, nothing made any sense back then either.

My two votes for the now equivalent of that fun little video:

Sure, there's probably imbedded meanings about youth culture and oppression and all that, but it's way too much fun to analyze this stuff.

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