Cigarette Ads are Back!



It's been quite some time since we've had the pleasure of cigarette ads in Canadian publications. I think I speak for all of us when I say we can all live with a lot more pictures of whisky flavored cigarettes in our lives. Hopefully lots of people buy this wonderful product so we actually HAVE more whiskey flavored cigarettes in our lives. This might've just relegated 'nuts and gum' (together at last!) to the second tier of amazing products. I really hope you can get drunk from smoking these cigarettes. And now that I know about their existence, well, maybe I'll buy some to see if you do!

But if smoke isn't your thing, how about smokes that don't smell so much like, well, smoke. Yes, just what we've been waiting for:


Can you imagine what the Less Smoke Smell technology (LSS) actually is? I figure it's a very fascinating technology indeed. Huh! You gotta hand it to technology! What'll technology think of next?

Thank you Quebec. Now I have more information on which is the most appropriate brand to purchase and give to children.


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