Anyone in New York wanna trade Sunday Sept 16?

...and possibly be on national TV?

I'm going to be on the Weekend Today on NBC Sunday Sept 16th at about 8:20am. Just before I get to do a fun little chit chat on air, it looks like some trades are going to take place in front the studio in Rockefeller Plaza. I'll have books and other one red paperclip paraphernalia on me, and I'm very ready to part with all of it, for the right trade of course.


So, if you wanna trade, and you're in New York, and you can manage get up that early, then swing by the front of the NBC studios in Rockefeller Plaza and we can make a swap!

Also, bring large fluorescent-colored paper signs plastered with names of people you think are so cool.

Have fun,



Satyanarayana Karthik Upadrasta said...

You are awesome. I saw your story on youtube!

I came across your story and blog just today at 11:20PM EST and so couldnt make it to NY today. I am from Jersey. So, next time you come to NY, we shall definitely trade something!

sharon v said...

So, Kyle? What did you get, anything interesting? I'm curious.

Gerri said...

I think it just crazy (in a good way) how you went from a paperclip to a house. When are you going to come over to New Zealand to give us a chance to trade?