Anonymously purchasing surprise pug t-shirts on eBay just ain't as easy as it used to be

So I'm in Montreal right now just finishing up some Quebecois book release promo stuff and gearing up for some US/Canadian book promo stuff and as my mood would have it, decided to purchase a lovely pug t-shirt for Dom. I'm not going to show it. It's a surprise. Anyhow, I bought it, filled in the address, paid via paypal, and was delighted when an email landed in my box saying the item had shipped. Out of curiosity I opened the email up and read what it said:

Dear oneredpaperclip,
Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your eBay purchase! I have received notice of your payment
and have shipped your Pug tee. You should be receiving it shortly. I appreciate
your business, and I hope you love the shirt, blah blah blah, but are you
REALLY the red paper clip guy?? Ohmigosh, you want to start again with my
Pug tee!!! It's going to be!! Too exciting!
You should totally do that! Either that, or you are really just buying
it to wear it, but it will probably be too small for you, or the other possibility
is that you are an imposter, since you are really supposed to live in Sask,
not Montreal, so something is fishy there. But as my husband says, why would
anyone want to pose as the red paper clip guy? Which you shouldn't take
offense to, in the off-chance that you ARE that guy.

Anyway, THANKS!!!!


Toronto, Canada

Hi Rachelle. I'm that guy. Please don't ruin the surprise for Dom by emailing her a picture of the t-shirt. Thanks.

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