I Bought a Goat Today


This is the new greatest thing ever. You can buy goats for people. You can buy crocodiles for people. You can buy donkeys, sheep, cows, camels and all sorts of other amazing animals and things for people.

go here: www.oxfam.org/en/donate/unwrapped

and scroll down to your nearest Oxfam to buy someone a Christmas gift with horns!

Have a fun, merry and otherwise awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Lautreamont said...

Unbelievable. One of these days, I'll find myself for sale somewhere on the net.


Merry Xmas, man.


masha said...

I would buy some crocodiles... :)
Happy New Year!

Adele said...

Oxfam got the idea from Heifer International (www.heifer.org) who have been in the "gift of an animal" business since 1944. Want to give a water buffalo or honeybees? What about an entire ark? This is the place!

Whichever organization you choose, good for you for making a difference in someone's life.

The TEFL Blacklister said...

Goats are much underestimated, much like the yak. You can keep it as a pet, milk it, use it to attack your mother-in-law and finally when your fed up with it you can eat it.

dvdize said...

Hahahaha amazing sevice!
Thanks for this wonderful blog man


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