My brother is a hawker

My brother Scott got me to autograph a few "I [paperclip] Kipling" t-shirts...then decided to hawk them on ebay! You can see them here.

That sly fox...I guess he's the go-to guy for autographed shirts!

Sorry for the lean quantity of blog posts lately....but I'm in the midst of writing a book. In the meantime, scope out some of the incoming stuff from the big weekend:

Kyle MacD
Scotty MacD
The 1 Second Film
Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux

Blog posts:
Allan Wills
The 1 Second Film
Niki Nielsen
Colin Pearson

If you have blog posts, pictures or videos up on the web, send me the link and I'll add it here!...or you can mail a CD/DVD to us here in Kipling and I'll upload them for ya.

Have fun - Kyle


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's okay. I'll be waiting for your book.

Anonymous said...

I ended buying all th t-shirts from your brother!
i wish i could have been at the house warming.