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The title is "I Sold My Gold Tooth For Gas Money", and since it's a compilation of travel stories, I assume there's a story by the same name in the book. I haven't sold my gold tooth for gas money, yet, but I did hitchhike in a parade in Banff in order to promote Alberta Beef and score a ride to the beer store, then wrote a story about it and somehow it ended up in this book. If the other stories are anything like the gem of an afternoon we had in Banff, then you're in for a real treat with ISMGTFGM.

Matt Jackson put the compilation together. He's the head honcho of Summit Studios, and a writer. He wrote a book about a four year hitchhiking trip around Canada called "The Canada Chronicles". You can buy it here. I've read it. I liked it. A lot. The paperback version's out now too, so you won't have to sell your gold tooth for gas money to take in the chronicles.

Have fun - Kyle

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! Can't wait to grab a copy. :)