Web Camz

I thought I'd use the colloquial "z" instead of the more common "s" because I'm drinking Mountain Dew right now and feeling pretty extreme. Well, actually, I'm drinking Dew Fuel right now, so I'm actually surprized I'm still able to use the letter "s" at all.

The best thing about living on Main street means no worries finding your parking spot. You just wheel the shopping cart right back to your front door:


So that's gnarly.

But back to the task at hand, web camz. I'm not anywhere near techonogically advanced enough to set up web camz for this weekend, and Dom's far too busy doing other stuff to binge learn that sort of thing. You've seen the car we drive. I'm surprised we can actually tie our shoes. (we're wearing flip flops a lot lately, so...) Anyhow, I have a web cam, I just have no idea how to hook it up so it pumps out a live feed or something like that. Is there a website that does that sort of thing? If you have any hot tips, please share. Maybe the best idea is that people who come to Kipling for the big bash this weekend just upload their videos to youtube or pictures to flickr with the tag "saskatchefun" or something like that. Not exacly live, but potentially really awesome, and easier for a web hack like myself. Or maybe people can just mail CDs or DVDs of their pictures/videos to 503 Main and I can upload them as they come in. Anyone got any better ideas?

This weekend is going to be so awesome. People are tossing numbers anywhere from two to ten thousand around, but we really have no idea who's gonna show up. It's going to be a surprise. Surprises are fun.

K, I gotta go and buy a hose to wash the bugs off the eagle.

See ya shortly - Kyle.


MontrealKid said...

Hi Kyle,

I'm sorry I won't be able to make it this weekend. I have a birthday party for my little brother-in-law. As for your webcam, if I was coming I could have come over early to set it up but I'm sure there is at least one computer geek like myself out of the two-to-ten thousand people coming who could help you out. Well have a great party, I'll be checking your blog to find out about the webcam and where I can watch it while I'm in Montreal this weekend.


Jaybird said...


it also says that webcams are one of the oldest tricks on the Internet.... how hard could it be :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kipling...the rumor capital of the free world! Trust me...you are going to the subject of MANY rumors here. I was the "NEW" American a few years back and I still laugh about all the things I heard about myslef.

Brian elf@l33ad.com said...