T shirt contest ends at midnight tonight

..and let's say midnight Hawaii time...just to give the Hawaiians a fair shot at it.

See the current design submissions here, here, and here.

Details on the contest here.

Feel free to put comments on flickr or this blog post for your faves. I'll announce the five winners sometime in the next couple days.

I'll eventually add the designs to CafePress so you can buy them online through a link somewhat like this:

orp gear

If you're not into t-shirts and such, perhaps you'll enjoy these french news clips:

Have fun - Kyle


Anonymous said...

one red bronson will win for sure, closely followed by wolves floating in a sea of paperclips.

Dima Vainberg said...

those design are crazy as hell..
i specially liked the "will trade this t-shirt for a house"

Good luck with it... i might order a T or two... you can go for Shorts/Boxers aswell..

Anonymous said...

I gotta vote for the Kyle not Ricky shirt, and the What if it were blue...