Quick summary of some newsworthy-ish stuff you might like to scope out:

Somehow pictures of the FAN-TOM and El Aguilla del Norte ended up in a South African in-flight magazine article about one red paperclip.

In Australia this Sunday night, I'll be appearing on 60 Minutes with waste water and Billy Joel.

Staples are dangerous.

¿Habla Español? Univision just put together a gnarly little online photo essay of one red paperclip called "De un Clip a Una Casa." The random choice of the cover pic doesn't compete with that of the mysterious FAN-TOM, but I've gotta say it comes pretty darn close.

We still don't know who these guys are.

I've now been dubbed in German. By a woman.

Apparently Hallmark now has their own TV channel. Apparently the one red paperclip project is right up Hallmark's alley. Apparently in a few weeks I'll be in New York to tape an episode of New Morning that will air on the Hallmark TV Channel.

Corbin Bernsen's company, Public Media Works, now has a website.

Now, I know a LOT of radio stations have done this before, and are currently doing their own charity one red paperclip style trading-up games, but Sun FM in Kelowna BC actually let me know about theirs! Awesome guys. SUBMIT YOUR LINK! If you're with a radio station, community group or other organization that's doing a charity trading-up game, please comment on this post with a link to your project!

Have a snazzy weekend! - Kyle


Sports Bettor said...

Very cool site. I read about this page on yahoo. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

What should we bring to your party? Tuna casserole? Jello mold? What is your favourite dessert; I will attempt to make it. My husband and I are flying from Calgary to Regina for the Labour Day football game and will try to drive out to the party. Is Saturday night okay?

MrG said...

Hello, Im in in England and Im running my own version of your idea. Im calling it 'The Lincoln GrALE' Trade Quest. Im trading up from a bottle of beer to a VW Campervan...
Im not really a radio station but I have traded with one!
Just wanted to say thanks Kyle for inspiring me to get off my ass and do something!
Check out my website, and any help from anyone is most welcome...

Just heard about your book from some friends of mine at Edbury in London, good luck with that Kyle. I shall be pre-ordering a copy as soon as its available.

reno said...

Hello Kyle !

Please, don't forget me...




Anonymous said...

So whats next now that you have a house?

Anonymous said...

Hay Kyle, I just watched you on 60 Minutes, grats from Australia. Great work by the way, it really was inspirational. Good work mate!!

A person in aw.

wayneo said...

I watched the 60 minutes show in Australia. I thought it was ok. I also saw a story on you on the show beyond tomorrow. Here is the episode: beyond tomorrow episode

I'm interested in the fact that 60 minutes didn't mention the fact that you are aiming to get the house that was in the Castle. The 60 minutes episode seemed to get the point across that you had reached your goal and got a house. Is it still your goal to get the house in the castle?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,

I also watched the segment about your adventure on 60 minutes in Australia. Some guy above says you want the house in the Castle?
I heard that house was going for very cheap... so if you can get in contact with them, maybe you can trade for that house.

Anonymous said...

More greetings from Australia. 60 Minutes (48 minutes of bull**** and 12 minutes of commercials) had to lower its BS quota to fit in your story. Good on you, Kyle! Keep trading until you get the presidency of the USA, then stay there.

Sar D said...

Hey Kyle
We are Canadians living in Sydney Australia and just watched the segment about you on 60 minutes. I had heard about your story ages ago, my brother in Guelph had been following your trades. Good for you!!! Hope you are happy in Sask.... nice to hear a Canadian accent again. Trade up!!
Sarah Downes

Anonymous said...

More than impressed and amazed with your inspirational and motivating positive outlook you possess along with a friendly warm persona that shone through ever on the tv. Never heard of you before till tonight on 60mins in Australia, Sydney.. you're incredible. Good luck to you! from a fan down under... HILARY in SYDNEY http://www.hothil.com.au

www.KSVY.org 91.3fm said...

Hello! We are KSVY 91.3 fm Sonoma Valley's Community Radio station (www.ksvy.org). On the Morning Show with Mike and Veronica, we have been trading since the 12th of July and are going to finish on the 26th! Our trading journey will benefit The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. A 24 hour walk-a-thon to be held August 5 & 6 here in Sonoma, CA. We started with a KSVY t-shirt and traded it for a Sonoma Community Center Membership, which was traded for a big bottle of Frog's Leap wine, which went quickly for 12 massages! The masssages are now with Adams Chiropractic in exchange for a year's chiropractic care. That package went to Infineon Raceway for two season passes for the 2007 racing season (including NASCAR and NHRA!). Those passes didn't last long as Greg Volker, General Contractor, has offer 16 hours of handyman/construction work in order to go to the track for a year for free! Whew, as if that wasn't enough. We were given the Community Center membership back to extend our trading game. That was traded to the Sonoma Community Garden for 2 passes to their Summer Garden Frolic, those went to the Vineyard Inn for a night in their Deluxe Room. That fun night now belongs to Kellyna in exchange for 2 Lehua healing sessions. But, that is still not all as Cindy, the wonderful hair dresser, donated 6 hair cuts so that we would have more to trade. Those are off to Barbara, for 4 acupuncture sessions, which are now with Lynn for a wonderful package of Jafra skin care products. Starting tomorrow at 7:00am California time we will take trades on our contractor package, the skin care package, and the healing sessions. On Wednesday we will auction/sell our final items and the money will go to Relay for Life! The only way this could get better is if Kyle could call in to our show. Hint, hint, hint. The number is 707-933-9133. We are having the BEST time with this and are so very grateful for the inspiration. Mike and Veronica, KSVY 91.3 fm in Sonoma. Stream it at ksvy.org!

Danielle said...

My family and I saw you on Sixty Minutes and had a jolly good laugh at your ingenuity. Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am a some one from aussie sydney.

one red paper clip.


thats so freakn cool!!

Billy-Jo said...

I'm from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada , so Hello fellow Canadian! so nice to read about you in People magazine! It totally blew me away what you did!!
Can't wait to hear about your next venture.