I just love getting emails with subject lines like that, don't you? I mean I guess they're accurate, since we're all either a sir or a madam. I'm not going to write much right now cause it's time to hit the hay and we're heading out early tomorrow. Dom and I are going to the village she grew up in, St. Alexis-des-Monts, to partake in "La Festivale de la Truite Mouchete". For all you out there who're too lazy to copy/paste that into google translate, it's "The Spotted Trout Festivale". Yes, that's festivale, not festival. The "e" on the end of festivale is not optional. I don't know why, it just isn't. Maybe it's due to the fact that St. Alexis-des-monts is "The Capitale of the Spotted Trout." Once again, there's the "e" again.

Anyhow, important "e" matters aside, if you want some good reading over the weekend, this will probably suffice.

Kindly yours - Kyle

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