If you missed 20/20 last night, here ya go. By far the best report on the project so far. Well, actually, since there were no re-enactments, an overly-technicolor sound stage, free flights to Tokyo and no Japanese subtitles, by far the best report on the project out of Japan so far. They even got a slo-mo chariots of fire style running intro. Epic. Huge thanks to Jeff Diamond and everybody at ABC for being so suportive of this project. You guys rock.

Been a steady flow of visitors to 503 Main Street here in Kipling. Yesterday marked the first time somebody came to our house and blogged about it. Mary Jo Beirnes was on her way from Vancouver to Toronto to Austin TX and decided to pay us a visit. You can see a cool picture of the red paperclip house and read about her adventure on her blog. Pretty neat...feel free to swing by 503 Main Street and blog about the red paperclip house! If you post a picture of 503 Main Street on your blog i'll link to you from this site! I'm in the process of setting up free wifi service around the house. Hey, if anyone wants to send some wireless routers here to 503 Main Street, I'll plug you on this blog! Anything will do - old things like Linksys ones and stuff like that will be perfect... The more wireless routers the better I guess! The full mailing address, with confusing Canadian postal code, for 503 Main Street in Kipling Saskatchewan is here. Actually, I'd like to turn all of Main Street into a free wifi zone. Anyone know the best way to set that up? The meat of Main Street is about a quarter mile long - I'm guessing a freestyle array of wireless routers running off the local broadband provider might do the trick. Definiteley the kind of thing the town of Kipling and I will make very public and help recognize anyone who helps set it up!

I've uploaded lots of pics to my flickr account, but my mom had the camera on ultra-high megapixels, so it's a bit of a slow go. If you wanna see more about what went down on the 12th, check 'em out. I'll have more up there soon.

Anyhow, gotta run. Talk to you soon - Kyle


Anonymous said...


What has impressed me most about your adventure is the simplicity - the trade of small pleasures with strangers. It is a lesson in the relativity of opposites ... the big-heartedness of simple acts.

As a resident of Saskatchewan, by birthright, I wondered, why here? I get it now. It is about shared wealth being all the greater and with whom that wealth can best be shared being significant.

You story is humbling. You have transformed a red paper clip into an icon of hope and promise -a simple curved path to a dream or two.

Happy Housewarming!

Anonymous said...

Great story on 20/20! Most of the trades made some sense, but I didn't understand the ending. Why did the town in Canada want the part in the Corbin Bernsen(sp?) movie?
That couldn't be worth the price of the house, could it? Or is it for tourism/promotional value?

Anyway, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Check out The Chipperfield Chronicles for pics and commentary on the big event in Kipling on Wed.

Anonymous said...

i saw you on 20/20 last night! your story is amazing. when i first heard about it, i was like, "no freaking way." but you accomplished the, what seemed, impossible and i give you props for it!

Anonymous said...

There ya go. Theres an idea for you. The one red paperclip internet cafe. Open up a shop on Main street offering free internet and offer food, and fun times.

thehealingroom said...

I love the quote at the end.."and the power of this story is Kyle."
Well said.
Thoroughly enjoy your house, you two.
I love the red trim.

Queen Mama the First said...

Dude! You didn't carry Dom across the threshhold of your new house! Bad form, Kyle. (LOL!)

I am really happy for you, and loved the 20/20 episode. You done good!

Denise said...

Corbin Bernsen needs to make a movie about you!