Wanna be in my top 8?

This'll be fun. Okay, the first 8 people to change their myspace user profile picture to a picture of YOU with ONE RED PAPERCLIP get to go in my top 8. (yes, photoshopping your pic is cool.) The first 8 people to email me a link to your profile get the nod. If my top 8 isn't filled with 8 RED PAPERCLIPPERS, then that means you still have a chance! Get in touch with me however you can - send your myspace link to oneredpaperclip@gmail.com or send me an IM or add me as a friend with your newfangled one red paperclip myspace screen shot or call my cell and spell out your myspace name or telepathically make it happen somehow or...you get the idea. you can scope out the one red paperclip myspace at (myspace.com/oneredpaperclip) have fun, and don't drag your feet if you wanna get in the top 8! -- Kyle

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