Trade Your Stuff

NOTE: *This is separate from the "official" series of trades I'm making from one red paperclip to a house* The value of my trading items is getting 'up there', so that means that fewer and fewer people are able to get in on the trades. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that A LOT of people mentioned that they wanted a place to trade stuff, I set up the official one red paperclip trading post: Feel free to post things you want to trade or make offers on the stuff that's already there. (I'll let you in on a little secret - there's even one red paperclip up for grabs...) I eventually want one red paperclip to be a fully functional swap site with ultra-cool personal blog features and all sorts of other great stuff, but until it happens, the trading post is where it's at! If you're a web designer and want to put together a really awesome trading website - something that will blow all the other trading websites out of the water - get in touch with me. I'm not looking to create a run-of the mill website here. Oh no. I'm talking, like, web 3.0, with the potential to go large. Cutting edge, innovative, snappy, and all those other cliche buzzwords. AND, on top of all that, it's gotta be fun. I've got some ideas, but my web design skills are worse than bad. Chicks DO NOT dig me for my computer skills. I'm really holding out for somebody who scores based on their web-design prowess - a real hardcore super geek who knows your stuff and ain't afraid to admit it. If that's you, call me: 514-833-3980 I can drum up some seed money to make this happen. I think it'd be cool to launch the new one red paperclip trading site by the time I trade up to the house. (whenever that is...) It'll be a definite win-win for everybody involved. Have fun - kyle

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