Phoenix was awesome. Sunny, hot, and super fun. Jody Gnant is an all star. Since we were in Phoenix, the wild west, Jody and I made the trade at high noon. Jody now has the recording contract, and I've got myself an entire year worth of rent in a nice little duplex. It's got a porch stoop, a shady tree, heck it even has a white picket fence. Yep, the whole nine. CIMG5931.JPG It was really great to finally meet Jody and all her friends and family. A real good group of folks! Thanks again guys for scoring me a place to stay! CIMG5927.JPG Jody's gonna swing on up to Toronto over the next few months to record her new album. You can pre-order copies at her site. It was a huge day. We ran all over town with her boyfriend Scott to do TV interviews at all the local stations and even made the "official" trade in front of cameras that shot for the evening news. A lankmark one red paperclip day. Phoenix was a crazy, sleep-deprived, caffeine fueled blur. I was on TV NINE times yesterday, including CNN twice and Good Morning TV in England. Over the last 48 hours I've done about 70 radio interviews over the phone - with a back-log of about 200 radio interviews to go. Gonna be a busy week. On one interview with an Australian radio station, Jody went on the phone and did an of the cuff version of the "red paperclip" song she's planning to write. So cool. But I have to say the media highlight of the last few days was wearing a bow-tie with flashing lights when I talked to Tucker Carlson on MSNBC. Tucker officially gave up his trademark bow-tie last week, but I'm keeping the dream alive for the rest of us. CIMG5939.JPG My dad even flew down from Vancouver to hang out for a few days. We rocked out last night at Alice Cooper's Town. Big thanks to everyone who turned up for the "Team Paperclip" bash. It was really cool meeting y'all. Jody, my Dad and I are all in L. A. now. Jody's at the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo and pops and me are here for a smorgasborg of reasons - including the pulse-quickening possibility that we might even rent a Dodge Stratus. L.A. is such a ticking time bomb of awesomeness. I can't wait till to see what happens next. Keep your bow-tie tight - Kyle


Fiddy said...


Congrats on 2 Million hits. You reached that mark earlier today. Pretty impressive. I'm really only supporting you for selfish I can party in your new house.


Shanthi said...


i was reading in the paper about the adventures of yours and that crazy red paper clip! keep it up lol give the world something to smile about in a time full of turmoil and sadness!!!

goodluck with your endeavours!!

a fan

Anonymous said...


dbuc said...

sweet work with the bow-tie was tucker carlson, anyway? did you talk to him at all behind the scenes? i wrote you a couple of days ago but i don't know what happened to the post. anyway, you're doing awesome and i can't believe how big this has gotten. take care

Bruce Clark said...

It was a blast to meet you, your dad, Jody, Scott, everybody! TO be part of the red paper clip experiance was amazing. Jennifer and I loved every minute of it at Cooperstown.

For those of you that did not have the pleasure, both Jody and Kyle are just awesome. Real great people who both seem to deserve the success that is happening in their lives.

Again, Kyle, thanks for the experiance! Truely Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle. Now that the Canucks have dashed all hopes of a Stanley Cup YET AGAIN. You are my new entertainment for the summer. Keep up the good work and do the hometown proud buddy!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Kyle -

It's Jennifer, the one that traded you the 'Have a Bowl on Us' (Nothing But Noodles) card for ONE RED PAPERCLIP...thx!

It was a pleasure to meet both you and Jody at AliceCooper's Town Wednesday night. Bruce and I were overwhelmed by the fact that you're both such great people. You made a wonderful choice to trade with Jody...her music is amazing! The differences you are making are priceless.

I'll try to follow where you are, so when you're near a Nothing But Noodles...soon to be Oodles location, you can trade your 'Have a Bowl on Us' card!!

Hope to see you again...Jennifer.

P.S. Go with the brandEXPANSION offer!!

suzgrrl said...

Hey Kyle,

I love your story! It's hope-inspiring, and shows that anyone can make anything happen just by thinking and trying stuff. This is how things used to done--people trading, bartering, helping one another. It's all deliciously low-tech, in spite of the high-tech means of communicating it all. The high tech just helps you reach a lot more people, and makes it happen faster. This has inspired me to think about other ways to realize some dreams, and help others to as well. I love Jody's thinking too--it really mirrors my own. I would offer to trade you something to help you toward your goal, but I'm afraid I don't have anything to trade up from where you are now! Anyway, you had a great idea and I know you'll get your house.

Emma said...

Wow, this whole deal is really amazing and completely insane and just about the smartest thing I've ever seen! Keep up the fun work and know that you've just gained about fifty new fans!!

Emma Grace (and friends!)

Anna said...

I get so excited to hear about all of your exciting adventures! I can't wait to read the future book.
How does it feel to be famous for such a cool thing?
Great Stuff

Jess M said...

Bonjour Kyle! Mon amie, Jenn, que vous avez rencontre, m'a dit que son ami a fait une offre. Son nom est Bruce Clark and sa compagnie, brandEXPANSION grandit rapidment! Cette offre d'affaires a le grande potentiel et pourrait obtenir votre plus pres a votre maison! Aussi, votre idee est original et intruer. Dans un pays affamé pour l'argent et alimente votre concept rafraîchit. Pour continuer votre projet la meilleure façon, prendre l'offre de BRUCE CLARK!
Good luck with everything, Kyle. Wish I was with Bruce and Jen at Alice Coopertown to meet you!

T-French said...

I heard about the offer from bruce clark, sounds like a very good deal. Take it and upgrade from there your gonna get that house

Pooly said...

This is a great story Kyle, I hope everything turns out great. It seems you have met a great friend of mine, Bruce Clark. Be sure you keep in an interest in that guy, I am sure he can help you out with anything you need.

Tilly said...

I've finally caught up reading about all your trades since i saw an article about you on the Sky News website... i'm in the UK and i sooo wish i'd caught your interview on gmTV over here the other morning

I can't believe how quickly you have gotten to where you are.. i would have thought your path would have had to be more gradual- way t' go Kyle and many congratulations

Tilly =)

Helen said...

you are the best!
I love you!