Real Web Geeks: BIG opportunity

I'm developing a new daily video ebay blog idea. There's a fully functional beta version set up at (The project is totally LIVE - feel free to bid on today's item!) My goal is to create daily fun videos that will be attached to ONE DAY ebay auctions. Think woot slash rocketboom slash ebay. I obviously want to get it off blogger and streamline the video uploads/ebay auction listings. I'm looking for somebody to pretty much set it up and help maintain the ebay listings/blog. I want to work with a hardcore geek who REALLY knows their stuff and can visualize the potential with this new idea. We can work something out regarding payment etc... All orp auctions will: 1. Start at one cent. 2. Last for one day. (Noon PST to Noon PST) 3. Have no reserve. 4. Include FREE shipping anywhere in the world. 5. Eventually be composed of things people mail to my P.O. Box. 6. Be fun. (waaaay funner than the ones on the beta site) I'm really excited about this. I think it has HUGE potential. And hey, I've never had a beta version of anything before. If you want to help make this happen, email me at or give me a call at 514-833-3980. This is going to be tons of fun. Kyle

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