A polite request to the Queen of England

This has nothing to do with the one red paperclip project, but it is something that every person I know agrees on. We have a simple request to the Queen of England: Allow Canadians to put actual Canadians on Canadian coins. The petition is here: www.ocoinada.blogspot.com If one million people sign the petition, I will print if out and go to London to personally hand-deliver it to the Queen. Kyle PS This is officially the best blog post ever.


psychdude said...

cognitivelessness: the state of being without thinking, i.e.: i am working on an assignment but suffering from cognitivelessness, so I am surfing, instead.

Jenny said...

hibble: An action and noun, something that happens to your neck when a certain special someone is near it, somehow connected to the right ear.

I would love a hibble right now.
Steve hibbled me last night, it was great!

ridonkulous: An exclaimation of utter ridiculousness or stupidity, usually leaves a person in a state of awe and renders them speachless.

That is ridonkulous!!! *wide eyed, mouth open, but no sound, just a shaking of the head*