+ site feed + technorati faves

In my ongoing quest to stay on top of every daily-changing blog-geek trend whatsoever, I just added some big cartoon-like icons over on the right. The top one is for my site feed (subscribe today!) and the one below that is a very fun and easy way to add one red paperclip to your links and to generally help this site beat bird flu in reaching every single corner of the earth. (please note: one red paperclip is not a disease that kills birds.) Below that is a great little way to crank up the awareness technorati-wise by adding ORP to your technorati faves. So if this site is a FAVE of yours, you know what to do... If this site isn't a fave of yours, then why are you hanging around here in the first place? You should've gone to stuff on my cat minutes ago. Please feel free to spread word about one red paperclip in any way you're able and email me with a link to your site so I can do likewise. I really like doing things likewise. Likewise is fun. see ya soon - Kyle

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