Watch The Hour on CBC Newsworld Tonight

It's going to be awesome. LIVE from Yahk. 8pm, 11pm and 2am in your time zone. link Just got back to B.C. tonight. Nice to be back in the mountains again. My mom even cut my hair. Tune in tomorrow to see the "official" trade for one trip to Yahk and one cube van. And to see my snazzy new haircut.
CIMG5411 Haircuts are fun. Thanks Mom. See you tomorrow, Kyle


Kaja Marie said...

Hey Kyle, nice blog. I hope you get the house of your dreams!

Flygirl said...

Yeah for moms and free haircuts! ;)

Revem said...

Hey Kyle

This is a fantastic concept.

I am currently searching my house for an object to start the process in Sydney Australia.

Good luck with the house, when is the decision going to be made about the next trade?


scottdaddy said...

That's a wonderful Picture. Too cute.

JGC Photography said...

You sure know how to live it up. I wish I had hair. Check out the pictures of my roadtrip to Pittsburgh for the Superbowl parade at my blog. Good Luck with the trades. You'd better have an open house party when you get your house.

Adam said...

I would never let my mum cut my hair!!