The best offers for the cube van yet

okay, I have to be honest, I'm getting a LOT of offers for the cube van. The thing is (and I'm sure you'll agree with me) most of them are being sent in by "funny guys" who are really "funny." Yes, most of 'em are crap. But there are some very good offers too. I've chosen five offers that I think have the most potential. Remember, fun and games is fun and games, but I'm trying to get up to a house! You can see my five favorite offers for the cube van here. (They're in no particular order, and it doesn't mean i'm going to take one of these for sure, just that they're my five fave so far.) Please, if you want one of my five fave offers, or something else on the complete offer blog, make me an offer for it! Send an email with your offer to It will be MUCH easier for me to make a decision as to what I'll trade the cube van for if I already have a good offer for one of these things. I really think I should announce the next trade on Feb 9th in Yahk. If you've been holding out to make an offer, now'd be a good time to send it to me at **Also** please remember that I have NO MONEY to put towards these trades. I do not have funding to move giant objects from place to place. It's barter - straight up. I am sometimes able to travel from place to place when I work for my part time job at Table Shox, but cube vans and snowmobiles don't exactly fit into carry-on luggage, so bringing objects with me isn't really an option like it was when I was moving doorknobs and fish pens. I haven't spent a cent so far, and this is a good thing, because I have literally zero dollars to put towards this project. Unless I win the lottery or find a bunch of money under a rock, I probably won't ever have a cent to spend on one red paperclip. The google ads help pay my rent, and I usually have enough money to eat, but I don't have some secret bankroll stash that's going to cover the expenses for moving giant things from place to place. Please think about this when you make an offer for the trade item! I'm not asking for sympathy or a handout, just letting you know that the liklihood of me accepting to trade for a fixer-upper house/car is very, very low. I need to trade for things that: -can move themselves (like a working cube van) -are easy to move (small stuff) -don't need to be moved (services, promises, opportunities) If you can arrange transport for a very large/heavy/stationary object, realize that this is a much more attractive offer! I can't wait to make this next trade. It'd be SUPER COOL to make three trades in Yahk. Have fun, Kyle


Squire said...

Nice site

Anonymous said...

Hi.. Just heard you on Sounds FM, in blenheim New zealand... Great site & idea.. good luck with the house!!

StingIndigo said...

Be Wise Kyle.

I left you a kind of advice xD. That offers are just to think twice and not to think for a long time.

Saludos Amigo... from Mexico


Flygirl said...

Havin' fun yet? ;)