A typical day in Canada

Freezing rain rules. This has nothing to do with one red paperclip, I just thought I'd share it with you guys. This is from today in front of our apartment in Montreal. (This is a VIDEO - Click on it to PLAY) Yes, everybody in Canada skates everywhere. Yes, I live in an igloo. Yes, I have a pet beaver. Have fun, Kyle


Anonymous said...

if youre like me you live next to a polar bear too. And are you a lumber jack or a hockey player?

Greywulf said...

Cool! What will you trade for the pet beaver?

Anyhow Kyle, I am going to GIVE you something. Not trade, GIVE. ok, let's say it's a trade in excahnge for providing me with much enjoyment and reading matter over the last few months.

I'm going to give you 16 pixels of a piece of interactive artwork. Yes, an entire 4x4 square of One Thousand Voices is going to be yours (if you want it, that it) for free.

Just let me know what color you want your square to be (red, maybe?!), and I'll put it in for you and link back to your blog.

All the best,


colleen said...

Hi Kyle - we saw a pix in today's Vancouver Sun -- firefighters stretched a rope across the street so people could cross. Amazing.
I'm wondering why people don't own a pair of YakTrax so they don't slip when they walk? Fun! Love, Mom!

Anonymous said...

you forgot dog sled. eh.


if you need an editor, i'm not bad. we'd have to barter, of course.


keep on rockin in the free world...

Anonymous said...

Darn, I thought us Alaskans had first dibs on igloos and ice skates! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Canada, and I just want to say that I own a pet beaver AND a moose! ...Lol!