going to la la land

Going to Los Angeles tomorrow. Pretty excited. No, VERY excited. G4TV is flying me out to appear on "Attack of the Show" on Monday Jan 9th. (broadcast schedule) Way too cool. Not sure about you, but I find the concept of getting a free airplane ticket across a continent to appear on TV a little more than mind boggling. The kind of thing I can live with, to say the least. The kind of thing that will never get old. The kind of thing that should never be taken for granted. I'd hate to be one of those dudes who's totally unimpressed and is like all, yeah, you know, TV, yeah, L.A. But I can't do it. Being excited about reality is way more fun. And real. So yeah, 7pm Monday. G4TV. Attack of the Show. Like you know, TV...L.A. Also going to 'take meetings' with some literary agents and Hollywood folk. There's a whole heap of people who think one red paperclip will make an excellent (a) book, (b) movie, (c) actually-realistic reality TV show, (d) kids book, (e) community-driven website I hope they're right. All of 'em. Flying for free and going on TV is exciting, but I'm more excited about what I've got planned for Tuesday: I'm going down to Orange County to speak about one red paperclip to an assembly of fourth-graders. Yup. I'll be chillin with fourth-graders in Orange County. Sixty of 'em. I was contacted by a very friendly Orange Countian named Cassy who invited me to come to her son Michael's class and tell the students about the project. This is way more intimidating than appearing on national TV. The host of a TV show knows what questions to ask the guest to get a good response. I'll be speaking to sixty fourth-graders. Alone. For an hour. As for the type of questions the kids'll ask, all bets are off. I'm nervous but this is going to be super interesting and very cool. I love things where all bets are off. Bets being off is awesome. Anyhow, have fun and talk to you soon. Maybe from, like, you know, L.A.


Ted said...

Did you also get a return trip ticket?

Good luck with the kids. I would agree with you that 60 of them are more intimidating than about anything.

Jake said...

Dude you didn't take the porno!