Trade for one famous skidoo Dec 8th 2:30pm

It's finally set up. I will trade one instant party for one famous snowmobile: Date: Thursday Dec 8th Time: 2:30 pm Location: 211 av. Gordon Verdun Montreal Quebec Show up if you'd like! The keg is still empty, if you're in the Montreal area and have the ability to fill it with beer, call me: 514-448-2678 I'm also looking for a tap and a bucket of ice. I will appear live on-air on 98.5 FM after about 4pm EST. (listen here: It looks like Michel Barrette is going to open up the phone lines. You can call the show at 514-790-9850 or 1-866-790-9850 It's a French station, so if you can speak French - great. If you don't speak French, call anyhow! This will be the first time I'll speak French on the radio. My first language is English. I didn't learn French until last year. My French is super rough. Rough like a snowmobile belt. Should be fun. See you there , Kyle


IdentityMIA said...

This is awesome! I needed the laugh.

Good luck! Maybe you could trade up and own the world one day. ;)

Lindsay said...

I'll be listening, though my French is tres mal. Question, though. Do you not care where the house is located? What if it's in Alabama or something?

Anonymous said...

Hey man, nice going on your journey. I have one of my own. I am selling a Red paper Clip on eBay. I'm trying to become a big hit like you. I'm not saying its yours or anything. Not trying to take away your fame or anything. I just want to see what a short fat guy can do these days