Fan Club


Welcome to the FAN club. It's fun to be a fan.

Membership is pretty self-exFANitory: send a picture of YOU AND YOUR FAN and I'll put it up here.




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Olivia FAN


Hola! My name is Olivia and I am the biggest feline FAN ever from Argentina. I love wind, especially summer breezes in my home town of Buenos Aires. My great-great-great grandmother was the cat of Che Guevara. I like Boca and think that all River fans are on glue!

Olivia! Glad you found the busy time in your schedule to join the FAN club! That's nice that you're a Boca fan, but let's keep it on the down low around here k? Don't want to start a FAN club football riot!


Alex and Joanie FANS ICAM0015 Salut je m'appelle Joanie, et lui c Alex, on veut faire partie de ton FAN club, voici notre photo, au plaisir d'avoir one red paper clip lol. Hey guys. Awesome. You're the first FANS to join the FAN club. And the first to send me a messge in French. Fun! Thanks for joining the FAN club! *************************************************** Andrew FAN Chillin' Here's a picture of me just chillin' with my two Ginormous fans. Everyone should have a backup "Emergency Fan". These suckers are awesome. Put together move air between rooms fast enough to make it feel like Portage & Main, Winnipeg. Andrew. Yup, those are definitely Ginormous - with a capital G. I always have backup emergency fans. I'm into safety, you see.




Love the site, I hope your house (when you find it) is awesome. Tom - Australia

Hey Tom, love that you love the site. I hope my house is awesome too!


Stoney FAN



Darran FAN darran fan Here is a picture of me and my fan!!

It sure is! Now that's what I call a FAN.


Celeste FAN

celeste FAN pic

Here is me and my fan. Yes it's a paper fan. Wanna make somthin' of it? ;) I have ceiling fans, and i didnt want to get up so I improvised. Been a fan of one red paperclip (can we abbreviate to ORP?) since the cube van. Not long really, now that i think about it.... Hope you like the picture!

I sure do like the picture! Improvised FANs are the best.


Jeremy FAN


I'm Jeremy from SoCal.I take great pride in my 80s throwback fan! (the 80s rock. period.)Although I fear that if I float any farther from the floor, the fiendish fan will fleetingly graze my face.

Cool J FAN! I'm with you on the 80s rocking bit. But 80s throwback fans rock harder than anything. Don't look up.




i'm from sarnia, ontario..... a wonderfully polluted town.... ever been? perhaps a postcard delivery is in order.....good times reading your website. although i cringed when i saw the skating on the sidewalk adventure. i havealways wanted to do that... .in fact, as a child... .i often had dreamsabout it..... no joke....stef my fan is also useful as a heater (am i allowed to use the H word on here?)

StaFANy. I love it! Oh yes, the H word is definitely welcome here - but only in winter. I've never been to Sarnia...yet, but it sounds enticing. Pollution is my favorite.


Mister Tambourine FAN.


Hello! I am Mister Tambourine FAN. I live on the wild side. I wear orange and my fan has no safety grill on it and I continually drink Jack Daniels and play my tambourine so loud that it gives off THUNDER. That's right, THUNDER.

Hey Mister Tambourine FAN, you can steal my thunder any day.


Wu Tang Fan

gang bangin fan

Yo bird man, on the west coast we do it upside down gang bangin style. Our fans ain't that po-boy side ways BS, none of that. If i ever see that FAN-TOM messin around my hood i will beat and cut him when he comes for my ceilingfan. this fan is a 45 inch spinner much like the cromed up rims on myescalade. Wu-Tan FAN

Wu-Tang Fan Still Ain't Nuthin' To Fan With.



domfan Hi. I am a big fan of the fan club. I like it almost as much as I like wolf sweaters. Merci pour le chance etre ici avec tout les autres.

Sure thing. Whereabouts are you from? Must be someplace REAL exotic with that crazy fan and that amazing sweater. Wolfs are the best. Not wolves, but wolfs. Wolfs, wolfs, wolfs.



evifan Hey guy, How's it going? My name is Evian -- yeah, just like the water --but I'm so much of a fan that I might even change my name to EviFAN. And you know what else is amazing? I've got DEALS! Big Deals left and right on fans, fans, fans and then.....a few more fans. I've got more fans than you can shake a stick at! So if anybody out there is looking for a crazy deal on fans, you know where to send 'em! Se Habla Español!

EviFAN! love it. Glad to hear you're keeping the fan spirit alive with your crazy deals. I love crazy deals. *******************************************


theFANTOM I am the Dreaded FAN-TOM of the night. I haunt fans in the night!!! I am here with my latest victim. I snatched him from his owner last night, at the witching hour. I am here to warn all members of you're fan club that they are not safe!! Sweet dreams for I am the FAN-TOM!!!!!

I fear the night.


Dave two

davefan Kyle! I like more than just fans. I like wind in general as well as sunshine. Thanks for giving me a place to post a picture of my favorite fan. It's a Blizzard. Dave

Thanks Dave. Wind is the best. I love fans so much.


Darcy the Oscillator

darcyfan Hey, I'd just like to say that the only things that come close to being as awesome as my oscillating Windermere fan are watersports and grilling. Darcy PS: I ONLY oscillate.

Oscillation across the nation.



myfan That's my fan. It's a gift from my Dad. Wrote a story about it. Goes a little something like this.


Anonymous said...

just read the story in le journal de are a good way!

Gotta love it...


experiencewriting said...

Awesome website.

El Paso, TX

Anonymous said...

I just heard your broadcast on the radio and I wanted to say that what you are doing is awsome. I live in Lakewood CO and I have become a little groupie of yours in a sense. One paperclip to a house will happen. Good luck. That beer looks good by the way.
Rachel M (RPM)

KellylovesGoji said...

Hi Kyle,
Thanks for being an inspiration to Never give up on your DREAMS!!! I was wondering if you could help me with one of my DREAMS? I would like my website for my business to go around the World before Dec.1/06. I am willing to give a 1 weeks vacation away to some lucky person who goes to my website and watches my short video. Can you help me? My # is 905-545-3203 or email

Anonymous said...

Robynlou said...

My dad just told me about what you did and i thought it was so amazing i had to see it for myself. Nice one man i think that swapping is definitely the way to go. Love from Ireland

PSGaiter said...

Just read your book, it was freakin fabulous. As a bartender, you have a similar slant on life as I do. The world is full of people and interesting stories, not objects. If you're ever in Duncan (on Vancouver Island) swing by the Craig St. Brew Pub. I'll trade you a pint of beer for a tale.