And it's only Nov 10th

Ok, I'm not sure if you're into web design or whatever, I'm not, but I'm slowly being sucked into it. This is my traffic for, my old site. This traffic is because pretty much all of my pictures are hosted there and 25 000 people a day just started showing up to these sites instead of the usual 100 or so. Up until yesterday, I only ever went through about 10% of my max-allowable bandwidth a month.

Yesterday I went through 50% of my enite bandwidth for November.

So I signed up for a flickr pro account and now have the painstaking task of recoding everything away from the Going Postal 3000 site. I'm sure there's an easier way to do this but flickr seems to be rad and tredy and all the mega web geeks are in there, so it's gotta be good.

Check out my flickr site and comment and stuff if you like. I'll post lots of really sweet pictures there now that it's way easier to do so.



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