Stories: (these are all true)
My Uncle The Agent
**I Love Alberta Beef
$4 and a Microwave
Right Hand Man
Red Lion
The Moroccan School of Meat
A Grape Surprise
The Goolie

Oh, and, if you're an editor, feel free to purchase a story or two for your publication! They're **all unpublished elsewhwere.

one red paperclip stories:
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Dream Quest said...

Interesting story might I say Kyle. You seemed to be a fine young gentleman and a saavy scholar. I really enjoyed your insistence that you and Dom keep you all's backpacks with you even with the inconvenience of being cramped up intoa crawl space of a back seat of a car doing one-hundred, forty kilometers per hour going North on Dixie highway!(Just an expression of the slight insanity of all. However, you seemed to be amongst the company of good friends although, perfect strangers, I mean Uncle, the Agent and the other guy. The dog, dope and dashboard scenario was a trip. I kinda quitely smiled inside. I'm glad that you and Dom got to your destination in one piece. Nice to have something to laugh about. I am also a believer that it's not the destination but the journey which determines your success. When you get a chance, please go over to my website, Dream Quest One and check it out. Continue on your quest for your place to dwell. Stay focused.

lisalegsxoxo said...

I just finished checking out your website *i saw you a few days ago on tv and was interested to see what its all about* just finished reading one of your stories about moroccian seemed pretty cool and funny until i read that...i am not from morocco but many of my friends are originally from there and to be honest a joke is a joke but that story was totally racist ...who are you to judge and make fun of different cultures? i understand that you just wanted to tell a funny story...but the story you attempted to tell was not funny it was offensive ...grow up. you are no tucker max...stick to trading!

Tommi said...

A mini book - very cool idea. Like the stories, too. Congrats on your house.

Anonymous said...

You are quite the character, Kyle! And I mean it in a positive way. I saw you (as many others) on TV the other day, and last night I stumbeled across your website.

Many funny stories, and what a great storyteller you are. You have this funny, ironic or what not way of telling things. Very colorful.

Love from Norway (Europe),

Anonymous said...

awesome! Its nice to finally read your stories, kudos to you

Anonymous said...

I have bought the book you wrote Kyle. I bought the book because i am aming to study economics and business so i bought the book in the booksotre where all the business related books are gathered. When i was reading this book i thought this story was made up, however when your blog was mentioned i could access to your blog. It seems that you don't really use this blog anymore...
I ao so happy that this story helped a lot in my business/economic essay...

i hope that you continue using this blog!

thx - Choi

Anonymous said...

OMG! This website was shown on Brink! (It's a show on the science channel).